About Meteoceanonline

This website was launched on February 2018 with the aim of offering rapid diagnostics as the support of real-time monitoring and forecasting of weather and ocean.

Whereas most of populations, worldwide, live by and benefit from the ocean (rain, fishing, tourism, sailing), the latter is not monitored with the same precision and short procedures as for lands. Numerical predictions needs to be complemented by direct parameters of the real atmosphere and ocean at the time when decisions can be made and communicated to a large audience.

Relying on a multi-field experience of atmosphere and ocean (PhD, research [ID 59583632], forecasting), it is provided here direct atmospheric/oceanic parameters with fast-running diagnostics to fulfill the immediate need of monitoring operators and systems. The underlying strategy is 1) we display the fastest available data and derive first guesses 2) we increase the resolution of diagnostics with every new data incoming.

Plugged-in to the global environmental monitoring networks, this website contributes to identifying and communicating critical information for daily businesses, public safety, leisures and improves our knowledge of ocean-related phenomena.

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